25 Fakten zum 25. Geburtstag unseres Clubs
Thursday, 19. January 2023 | EHC Red Bull München: 25 facts about the 25th birthday of our club
25 Fakten zum 25. Geburtstag unseres Clubs// CURRENTOn January 19, 2023, our club will celebrate its 25th birthday. We provide you with 25 interesting facts around this anniversary.
By the way, you can find even more stories about our organization in the book "111 Reasons to Love EHC Red Bull München" by Florian Weiß, which is well worth reading. Now we look back with you to the beginnings and lead you with our 25 facts to the present. So, let's get started:
Posieren vor dem Siegestor: Die Meistermannschaft von 2018.
Die Stimme vom Oberwiesenfeld: Stefan Schneider.
Urgestein des Münchner Eishockeys: Christian Winkler (Managing Director Sports Red Bull Eishockey).
Dem Lockout sei Dank: NHL-Star Blake Wheeler (li.) stürmte für die Red Bulls.
Wenn unsere Profis zu Fans werden: Besuch von Weltstar Justin Bieber.
Von München bis nach Buffalo: JJ Peterka hat den Sprung in die NHL gemeistert.
"El Capitano": Michael Wolf hat den EHC Red Bull München zu allen drei deutschen Meisterschaften geführt.
Die Auftritte von Bryan Adams vermuteten viele eher in der benachbarten Olympiahalle. Zwischen 2010 und 2013 lief der Stürmer aber für den EHC Red Bull München im Olympia-Eisstadion auf.
In luftiger Höhe: Die Red Bulls spielten auf knapp 3.000 Metern das wohl höchste Eishockeymatch aller Zeiten.
Die Zukunft naht: Der SAP Garden wächst und wächst.
Posieren vor dem Siegestor: Die Meistermannschaft von 2018.
1. There is magic in every beginning: on January 19, it was an ice-cold Monday, seven hockey enthusiasts from Munich met in the kitchen of a property in the Lerchenau district and founded a new field hockey club. Among them were Franz Jüttner (†2013), Bastian Schwele, Patrick Lange, Moritz Geiselbrechtinger, Leos Andrysek, Maximilian Schindler and Angela Pertschy. It was the birth of the then HC München 98.
2. The premiere: it took Bastian Schwele, now the presenter, just six seconds to score the new club's first competitive goal. The final score was 16-0 against ESC Dorfen on October 25, 1998.
3. Open Air: In the first two years, the Cub played its home games outdoors in the Prinzregentenstadion in Munich's Bogenhausen district. After two years of exile in Grafing, 45 kilometers away, the Olympic Ice Stadium has been our home since 2002.
4. Old will (soon) be new: The Olympia Ice Stadium is currently the second-oldest venue in the PENNY DEL (opened in 1967). Only the Curt Frenzel Stadium in Augsburg has been around longer (1938). From spring 2024, the Red Bulls will then move to the league's newest arena, the SAP Garden, which is currently under construction.
5. Unique and cult presenter: Since 1990, stadium announcer Stefan Schneider has been the voice of Munich ice hockey. Last December, he played his 1,000th game at the stadium microphone.
6. The breakthrough: The lads from Oberwiesenfeld succeeded in moving up from the sixth-class district league to Germany's highest division in just twelve years. A still unique success.
7. The veterans: Christian Winkler and Heinz Preiss are true veterans in the Munich ice hockey cosmos. Winkler joined the club in the summer of 2004 and is now the successful Managing Director Sports at Red Bull Ice Hockey, while Preiss has been making sure that everything fits with the Eishackler's equipment since 2002.
8. Ideas need the chance to become successful: A fan of the club "invented" the Wiesn jersey in 2005, a jersey with a traditional costume look. Since then, the team has played in these special jerseys at Oktoberfest time. In the meantime, clubs across all sports regularly copy this idea.
9. From stick to microphone: Our two former players Bastian Schwele and Rick Goldmann have long since hung up their skates. What still connects them: Both now work for television, among other things, and are among the most popular and competent ice hockey journalists in Germany.
10. From bat to scalpel: our ex-striker Dr. med. Felix Schneider went through medical school as a professional between games. His efforts paid off. In the meantime, the specialist for orthopedics & trauma surgery runs his own practice in Munich and is one of the Red Bulls' two team doctors.
11. The ice hockey world looked to Munich: On November 21, 2010, the ice hockey club set a world record. In the game against the Straubing Tigers (4:5), 42 penalties were needed to find a winner.
12. "Summer of 69" in the dressing room: Bryan Adams played in the EHC jersey: From 2010 to 2013, Bryan Adams provided music in the Munich game - no joke! Granted, it wasn't the singer, but the Canadian forward of the same name.
13. More than just a touch of NHL: During the 2012/13 NHL lockout, two top stars from North America played for the Red Bulls. Blake Wheeler and Paul Stastny spent a total of 68 days scoring for Munich.
14. High up: On December 13, 2016, EHC Red Bull München played what was probably the highest ice hockey match of all time on the Zugspitze at an altitude of 2,962 meters. The occasion was the shooting of a promotional film.
15. A world star on the ice: On September 17, 2017, millions and millions of fans around the world must have envied four Red Bulls players. Because at that time, superstar Justin Bieber, who had given a concert in the sold-out Olympic Hall the night before, was training with Andreas Eder, Jason Jaffray, Steve Pinizzotto and Ilya Sharipov at the Olympic Ice Stadium.
16. Sturm's work and Munich's contribution: In the sensational silver medal win at the 2018 Olympics, then national coach Marco Sturm had no fewer than eight Red Bulls at his disposal in Danny aus den Birken, Daryl Boyle, Yannic Seidenberg, Patrick Hager, Dominik Kahun, Brooks Macek and Frank Mauer.
17. the coveted: With Pat Cortina, Toni Söderholm (both national coaches), Matt McIlvane and Patrick Dallaire (co-coach), four coaches from the Red Bulls coaching staff have already made the jump to the coaching team of the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB).
18. the young guns: With Justin Schütz (Florida, 2018), John Peterka (Buffalo, 2020), Julian Lutz and Maksymilian Szuber (both Arizona, 2022), four Munich youngsters have already been drafted by NHL organizations.
19. Known also in Europe: In the Champions League, Red Bull Munich is the best non-Scandinavian team. In the eternal CHL table, the final participant of 2019 occupies the excellent fourth place behind Frölunda Gothenburg, Tappara Tampere and Skelleftea AIK.
20. Longest, longer, longest: In April 2019, Munich and Augsburg delivered the longest playoff series in DEL history. The seven duels in the semifinals lasted a total of 504 minutes and 46 seconds. In the end, the Red Bulls advanced to the final with a 4:3 victory in the best-of-seven series.
21. The beginning is half of the whole: EHC Red Bull München holds the starting record in the DEL. At the start of the 2019/20 season, Jackson's squad won a whopping eleven times in a row (44:19 goals).
22. even more went (so far) not: Said eleven wins in a row are also club record. The Red Bulls were able to set this record only recently in December 2022.
23. most successful: The Red Bulls' DEL record scorer is Michael Wolf with 104 goals. However, his record is shaky, as Trevor Parkes recently scored his 100th goal in a Munich jersey.
24. our perennial favorite: the Red Bulls' record player is Daryl Boyle, who played his 478th DEL game in a Munich jersey on December 28 last year against the Düsseldorfer EG. Boyle's time at Oberwiesenfeld, like that of coach Don Jackson, began in the summer of 2014.
25. those who always speak here: Since June 2020, the podcast "Puck ma's" by journalist Florian Weiß and the team from Radio Oberwiesenfeld has accompanied the ice hockey club and delivered Munich's weekly acoustic ice hockey regulars' table.
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